Friday, November 26, 2010

My friend the seam ripper

I read in a sewing book that one should never call it seam ripping, rather it is unsewing or some other feel good phrase.
Well, I used the seam ripper today, quite extensively. What started out as my favorite fabric in my newest quilt turned ugly on me. The cutest red ticking with little hearts, who would have known it had such an evil side? When I would rip out corner after corner, I lamented the choice of my Etsy name, squaredup. Maybe somewhereclosebutnotquiteperfect, would have been a better moniker. But I man-handled it into submission, and it all turned out quite pretty, and yes the corners are perfect.
Next comes the worst part, the endless snipping of the seams. But that will have to wait. Going to bed early, being a lady-in-waiting at a wedding tomorrow. I have a rolling cart filled with a fix for every possible thing that could go wrong with a human body and/or wedding day. I even have bug spray, and it is supposed to be freezing cold rain. I am ready for snow bugs.