Monday, October 28, 2013

Seven steps to a good Quick Build

First, someone has to get there very early to warm the Bunns with strong coffee.

Second, the crew needs to make a nice hot breakfast.

Third, a pretty sunrise is good to shine light on the roofers.

Fourth, this gets back to the warm Bunns.

Fifth, a nice healthy salad goes well with the lasagna lunch.

Sixth, some nutty brownies to follow up the salad and lasagna.

Seventh, you need a nice place to sleep for the early morning coffee duties.
Or not sleep because it was too quiet, take your pick.
I did enjoy the stars, the deer, the ponies and the pond.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our 15 square feet of fame

The Internet is an amazing thing. On it can be found a cornucopia of information - some of which is useful. Back when we were choosing what to do with our kitchen, I wrote a comment on Retro Renovation about choosing Karndean flooring. I meant to post again after the floor was installed and say if we liked it. The procrastinated reply was Yes!

I got a request from the site's writer if I could take more pictures and give a little more information. And could they do a follow up article? OKaaaay...and that is why I found myself one afternoon last week moving all the junk from one side of the kitchen to the other, merely redistributing the mess rather than dealing with it, trying to make my kitchen look a little more perfect for the pictures. I think Elliot's fridge painting did the trick, it goes so well with the blue floors.

By the way, the article quotes me saying "I like tile, but h*** grout." I really did just say I hate grout, nothing worse!

Thanks to The Boy for pulling it all together!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ten ways to survive the grave shift without keeling over

1. Wear something very comfortable, but please not your pajamas.
2. Bring stuff to eat, because 2 a.m. cravings are pretty much inevitable.
3. Try not to think of all your normal friends who are home in bed asleep.
4. Remember to switch out your contacts so you’re not wearing the same ones for a zillion hours.
5.  Try to find a show to watch that doesn’t involve murder and mayhem.
6.  Look up the meaning of mayhem just to pass the time.
7.  Forget all the statistics you have read about what working nights does to your health. Instead, think about all the cute shoes you can buy. Life is a series of tradeoffs.
8.  Rethink that pajama rule when 3 a.m. rolls around. They’ll go well with your slippers.
9.  Don’t even try to look good. The morning person is from the living, you are from the grave shift.
10. When you finally climb into that lovely thing called BED, warn family and dog to not wake you up. For. Any. Thing. 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the Twelfth Month of Payments My True Love Gave to Me...

One year ago today escrow closed on the house. 
This little song about sums up the last year.

Twelve hundred boxes,
Eleven feet of tarp,

Ten zillion friends a helping,
Nine buckets painted,
Eight paws a planting,
Seven miles of cardboard,
Six months of swimming,
Fine, golden things!

Four muddy feet,

Three shade trees,

Two dirty gloves,
And a partly dead, ugly bare tree!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When life gives you pomegranates

This was to be a Things to do, People to see sort of day. Until I found this in the door:

My day was done in once again by our sewer-worker-hating-canine. I would have to cancel my plans, and stick around with THE DOG because that is what good citizens do - they stay home so the hardworking men of Sacramento Sewer District can clear out the pipes and make the world safe for flushing.

"I can't resist a man in uniform."
Through Myra, we got a pile of pomegranates from Wendy. I love pomegranates, but they can be a bit of a pain. My secret is to cut them and separate them under water. The good stuff sinks, the yellow stuff comes to the top and I end up with a giant bowl of yummy fall goodness. The pooch being a poop provided a pile of plant-based pucker power.

A pile of pomegranates

Quite messy, but oh so gorgeous!

Some for fruit smoothies, some for salads, some for snacking and the rest for freezing.
I think I got my pomegranate cravings taken care of - this week anyway.

Monday, October 7, 2013

They will soar on wings like eagles

The Big E has a certain smugness, wouldn't you say?
He helped pass them out for the morning session, so he knew.

We matched without even trying.
That made it special right there!

Got it! Just out of the wrapper! Hot off the presses in Japan!
A wonderful surprise this weekend for 1.5 million people in 1830 locations around the world.
More languages to come.
Alex, Ernst, Jessica, Jesse, Anastasia, Nicu, Dennis and Julie say thank you and mulțumim!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Stick a pitchfork in me, I'm done

The front yard is officially finished. No more cardboard, no more mulch, no more plants to plant. We are done and done for. The rest is up to the sunshine, the water and the dirt. Wait, I should use the proper term, the soil.

Tuesday was a big time work day around here. I went to work on a yard-sized surprise for when Ernst got home. In the voice of Tom Hanks in Castaway, I made a walkway! It about killed my back and leg muscles, but I finally got the rocks in place for our little stepping stone path. They were the stones from the Robertson Hall that was remodeled three years ago. Julie B (of Craig and Julie) got the "horse rock," the one with the horse head shape that she said she stared at for years as a kid. I didn't have any one stone in mind, I just wanted enough to do a project with at our other house. After the build, I filled up the back of my Subaru and brought load after load home.

And there they sat in the front yard where I dumped them. And they sat some more. Then the weeds surrounded them so I didn't have to stare at the unfinished project. Last year we moved and so did the rocks. This time they sat in the backyard. And they sat some more. Then the weeds surrounded them so I didn't have to stare at the second unfinished project. Recently we had some friends over for dinner and as we sat out back on a lovely late summer evening, a rat ran in and out of the stone pile. OK, time to do something with the rocks. There is nothing like a rodent crashing our party to motivate me.

It seemed like a ton while I was loading my car,
but now I wish I had a few more.
Julie, I'm coming for the horse head rock!

Some of whom Ernst calls the "tonier" neighbors have stopped by to say they like it.
I'm sure there were times they had their doubts.

The last edition was a camellia bush and some gardenias.
And a new hose - the old kinky one was really annoying me.

There it is, our little yellow house with the yard we'll never have to mow.

Rats, I forgot about the back yard.
If I drank whisky I'd say "over the rocks, please."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is for Organizing

Quick, where's a fork? That's easy - it's in the compartment of the drawer where we keep the forks, in the blue Rubbermaid container made for storing eating utensils in neat little stacks.

Quick, where's some tape? The super glue?? The stapler??? Don't ask me those hard questions, just look all over the house until you find it. In the process, you'll find all those other things you were wondering about, but have no time at the present to put away where they are supposed to be, wherever that is.

O is for Organizing and October 2011

Two years ago I did a drawer by drawer, bit by bit, area by area organizing project that didn't stress me out too much. I picked one thing a day that looked like it needed some help, emptied it out, cleaned it up, threw out the junk, rethought where it should really be and made it nice and neat. One little tiny section of life at a time. Then last October, when we were waiting to see if we got the house, I saved my strength for moving and packing and getting mad at the fact that we have too much junk, organized or not.

Two, count 'em, two staplers!
But where are the staples?

So here I go again, let's try to do this for keeps this time. Lesson learned this morning? I think we're good on tape and we could start donating paper clips to those in need.