Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spanx Makes Swimwear!

Let me clarify that. Spanx makes swimwear for Target! Play the singing bird Disney music, there is hope for poolside happiness. It is the Love Your Assets line.  

I went to Target on Friday to do the dreaded swimsuit shopping. I have had a few rag tag combos for the last few years, and I have to wear a little crop top over mine if there are men around. I've never been much of a pool person, but we have neighbors with a pool, they have parties a lot, and it was about time I had something decent to wear.

There were no screams of disgust coming from my dressing room. I actually exited with a little smirk on my face, carrying not one but two new swim outfits! I'll call them outfits because they have a lot going on under wraps. Spanx swimwear takes a bit of jumping and shoving to get into, but the results are amazing.

Now that I am all ready for my public, the weather turned cold and our swim party today will be more of a jeans and long sleeves affair. But I am ready for summer now! Come on you hundred degree days, I've got my Spanx and a crow bar and I'm ready to start shoving myself into submission.
SPANX Line of Swimwear