Monday, August 27, 2012

So long to the Bossert Hotel

Soon the Hotel Bossert will be sold and we'll lose our great place to stay in Brooklyn Heights. It's my favorite place in my favorite neighborhood in my favorite city. So one last night at the Bossert was in order for this trip to New York. It was a great good-bye - the weather stayed fabulous and all was great - except that the Big E was stuck in the airport in Philly and missed the fun.

A chandelier at the Bossert

We picked up Thai food and went to the roof of another historic building, The Towers Hotel, also in Brooklyn Heights. We've been going up there for years, long before it was transformed into a classy rooftop garden with flowers and actual furniture to sit on. We used to go there when the corner towers were dripping with stalactite formations. The whole thing has been gorgeously restored to match the million dollar views. Possibly our last visit here too -  it was all very nostalgic and bittersweet.

The roof of the Towers Hotel

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