Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Ten Eleven Twelve Day

There have been so many fun fall dates now that we're in the "pre-teen years" of this century.

For us, of course there was our big October bash on 10-10-10 celebrating our 19.25 anniversary. An admittedly strange anniversary to remember, but who could let that great day pass by without a party? Not I.

And then of course the perfect day for Igor and Rafaela to get married? I butted in with my suggestion for their wedding date and they ran with it, 11-11-11.

And now here we are on a silly little Thursday, completely wasted by the great date of 10-11-12. How sad that Ten Eleven Twelve is going down as a do nothing day. So ho hum. Hmm, when does 12-12-12 land? 11-12-13? After 12-13-14 we're out of chances and all the cool dates are gone. The countdown begins.