Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two new trees, too new trees

Promising to be very careful (because bad things happen to him on holidays) Ernst got the front trees planted today. Planting a tree is not the production it used to be. In the old days (all of five years ago) putting a tree in the ground involved digging a huge hole with a special trench around the bottom. Now the thinking is just plant the little guys in a simple hole - don't give them any special treatment, no amended soil, no trench, and they will fight their roots through and get themselves established.

With the trident maples in, our Kill the Lawn project is creeping along. We have 3 trees and 3 bushes. Unfortunately 3 trees and 3 bushes do not a garden plan make, but it's a start and now there's the promise of future shade. That is assuming this new tough love planting technique works out. It's grow or die - hopefully the former rather than the latter.

Ernst decided to jump in the pool after we got the trees in. With his history of holidays and ER visits, that was not a good idea. The dog jumped in after him and whacked him in the face with her paw and claw. There was blood and a scratch from forehead to lip, but thankfully no trip to the emergency room. Our friends say he shouldn't get out of bed on national holidays. That's no fun, but maybe a holiday helmet would be wise?

One tree down, two to go.

All this for two dinky trees?

No injuries, but the day was young.

Nowhere to go but up.

Do they make Beware of Dog in Pool signs?