Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seeing red

The trees back East don't mess around with color. I was expecting to miss the prettiest show with my November trip to Connecticut, but the maples saved the best for last. The weather changed from Yikes warm to refreshing rain to Yikes cold in a matter of a week. It was warm enough one night to sit out by the fire with my brother and then cold enough to enjoy an indoor fire inside with my Mom.

All the critters were busy getting ready for winter. Alvin the Chipmunk was socking away the food my sister puts out for him (he hears her car drive up and waits!). The squirrels were squirreling away their winter supplies and a most annoying woodpecker was intent on putting holes in the wood siding. The feed store recommended hanging Mylar balloons to scare it away. It worked for two days, but then they got all twisted up and lost their helium and we just looked like a sad house with balloons in the bushes. I saw my first fox in my life - it ran across the road in front of the car. It was gorgeous and I was so glad the first fox I ever saw didn't become road kill.

Soon it will be cold and rainy here too and I can't wait! Winter is such a great excuse to forget what's happening in the yard and let the skies do the watering for a change. I'm ready to crank up the wood stove, make a big pot of chili and say "Yard, what yard?"

My Mom's Connecticut neighbor told me this is a Sugar Maple.
East Coast trees are serious when it comes to turning red. 

Our little maple in the front yard.
It seems to be stuck in summer with just a hint of fall.
Turn red I say!

Our oranges need some big time cold weather to sweeten up.
Last year our tree produced hundreds and hundreds.

The new azaleas are showing their stuff already.
A California critter getting ready for winter.