Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've become a bag lady

What costs a mere 59 cents, can be used for laundry, shopping, camping, organizing, transporting gross dirty things you don't want to touch but that need to move from one place to another, dog stuff, garage stuff, porch stuff, off-season shoes, off-season anything and everything? IKEA blue bags! Their official name is FRAKTA. (Would it be FRAKTI for plural? Wouldn't coming up with those weird names for IKEA items be the best job ever?)

What I did before these blue wonders came into my world, I honestly don't know. We are having a party next week with a gob of people, and it occurred to me: we don't need more ice chests just for drinks - we have IKEA bags. We don't need recycle bins - we have IKEA bags. We don't need new pool toys - OK, we need new pool toys.

I bought a large amount of these before our last move and used every last one and wished for more. A perfect gift for someone who is moving is about 20 50 of these things and some pizza. Done, move's over, time to unpack. At 59 cents each, that amounts to $29.50 (minus the pizza) and you'll have a very happy friend who can then pass on the bags of blue joy to others. Forget friendship cakes, those are so last century.

FRAKTA to the rescue!

Yesterday it was time to tackle the hall cabinet/medicine cupboard/scary place area. To really organize something, I need to haul every last thing out and start throwing stuff in piles. What we seem to have enough of is antacid and lady shavers. Before Ernst's heart attack six years ago, he was having really bad indigestion. We were trying everything, as seen from our OTC supplies. Turns out indigestion is not normal, it can be an indication of blocked heart arteries. Three stents later - voila - no more indigestion. Now with our very much expired collection of antacids, we're prepared for guests with heartburn, gas and bloating. And hairy legs, we have that covered too with enough lady shavers for a college dorm. Note to self - don't buy razors ever again forever.

Another miracle in my life are the box photo holders from Michaels.
Boxes, bags and burps, we have it all under control.