Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Felina, the purrrfectly puffy rag quilt

Often when I have the most things to do, that's the time I decide I really must...just have to...can't wait any longer...the world will stop turning unless I do...forget it all...I have to make a rag quilt or I'll just go batty from batting withdrawal. This week I have gobs to do, so of course I just had to make a rag quilt.

There is a new style of rag quilt and I had to try it. They are not sandwiched with batting, they are stuffed with fluff. It involves a different type of construction, and I had to sit at times at the sewing machine as the gears (in my head) turned while the gears (on the machine) sat idle. But stretching the brain is good for me, and I'm thrilled with the results. I don't know how this puffy look would go over with more sophisticated fabric, but this bunch was up to the challenge.

I found some kitty fabric last year at the thrift store, and held on to it until I collected some more to match. When my sister Janice visited, she brought down some leftover fabric from her apron sewing, and it looked cute with the kitties. I also had some flannel left from some other projects, plus a soft and perfect purple corduroy skirt that, let's face it. would never fit me. I love the way it all turned out. I didn't overstuff the squares, and I'm glad because I think they might get out of hand with too much stuffing. It is much bulkier than my typical quilts, yet lighter without the batting. I would keep it, but our canine friend would have a good old time with all that puffy, fluffy kitty fabric and the fur would fly.

Felina - all cut up and ready to be sewn, stuffed and snipped.

Felina - finished, washed, dried and ready for a forever home.