Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Quilts, Three Days

The mailing tape dispenser was working overtime last week. In three days I got orders for three quilts. It was in the middle of Allergy Season Central around here. Since for me that means about a 20% decrease in functioning brain cells, it was a nice diversion and one I could handle.

1. Find quilt.
2. Make sure it's the right one.
3. Trim off any errant stringy fuzz.
4. Find custom gift tag.
5. Make sure it's the right one.
6. Find a proper box.
7. Add dog treats for customers with dogs.
8. Print out postage and spell everything right, including my own name.
9. Drop off at post office.
10. I hope that was it, because I'm out of steps.

Etsy, in cahoots now with the United States Postal Service, makes mailing a package easy enough for a trained chimp. Even a chimp with hay fever. 

The Rose Quilt, photographed with my new props, some old shutters I found in the trash. 

I prefer candlelight personally, but quilts photograph best in the morning.

All rolled up and ready to go!

A nice lady in Maryland with two cute dogs bought the Digger quilt. Molly sent treats.

Dog quilts look even cuter in the morning too.

My amazing and talented friend Jill from Washington sent me these fabrics.

They are for a custom baby quilt and include some denim fabric from her son Andrew's jeans.

More shabby chic shutter photos, more morning light and my first baby quilt with a binkie pocket. 
If I could just stay home and sew quilts with my head stuffed in a binkie pocket, I may survive this spring.