Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Plant-based Eating at WinCo for $5.25 a Day!

What was the result of our plan to eat plant-based foods from WinCo, and only from WinCo, the whole month of May? Did we survive only eating from one store? Did we save money?

While I'll always be a fan of smaller stores, I learned my way around our local WinCo and I got to be quite the efficient shopper. I always hit the produce section first and was pleased to find so many organic choices. Then it was on to the amazing bulk foods area. Did you know you can get bulk Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, yes bulk, at WinCo? I didn't, but wow, just the fact that I could made my day. Week. Year.

My bulk purchases were down at the other end, far from the vats of chocolate treats. Oatmeal, raisins, brown rice, dried beans, you know, the ho hum foods. But ho hum also means cheap cheap, and many times I stared in amazement at the cash register as it tallied up my food buys. Really, that cheap?

We ate well, we ate healthy, and we ate cheap. The plan wasn't really to save money, though. It was to compare it against our usual food costs. While WinCo didn't beat out the 99 Cent Store, not by a long shot, it did save us $75 this month on food costs. 

Things I'll go back for? How much can I rave about their bulk section? They have the best mayacoba beans I've ever tasted. They practically give away their oatmeal. And I got bulk turmeric so cheap I tried not to laugh while at the register.

We came out of this experiment loaded up with fruits and veggies and salads and soups and stews and smoothies and the best veggie tacos I have ever made. Thanks WinCo, it was a Win Win!

While I wouldn't sell my birthright for it, this lentil stew was quite yummy!

Did we eat lots of salads? Kale, yes.

Love me a spicy curry dish with garbanzo beans.

Brown rice salad anyone? Those pepper were on sale. 

Fresh corn and black bean salad with tomatoes and olives.
And more kale salad in the background.

The Best Vegan Tacos on the Planet, with Grilled Peach Salsa.
I made them.
They had tempeh in them.
Yes, WinCo has tempeh!