Sunday, September 2, 2012

A wrinkle in my Sunday morning

It was to be a relaxing Sunday morning spent lounging in bed, reading the Sac Bee. Drinking tea. Pretending like there are not a hundred things needing my attention. As long as I kept reading, I was doing something productive. The stack was getting shorter. I started to read more slowly.

The Big E started digging into the pile of ironing - the Leaning Tower of Pleats. Why in the world was he messing with my brain on this perfect morning? Ironing was the last thing on my mind. It is never the first, but come on, pressing clothes on a Sunday morning? He brought over an especially sad wrinkled white shirt. A shirt with cuffs, no less. Does he really think I'm in any mood to iron a 100% cotton white shirt, with cuffs, that has sat in its own wrinkles for who knows how long? Does he not love me anymore?

It turned out not to be a request for making the shirt wearable. It was an offering of fabric - lovely white 100% cotton fabric to finally finish the quilt that is waiting desperately for a punch of white. The lovely shirt had a irremovable stain and was now only good for the rag pile or an up-cycle project. That was enough to push aside the papers, clear off the sewing table and get this long delayed project on to Etsy. This Sunday the iron will stay cool and the sewing machine will heat up. Long live the wrinkled shirts.