Sunday, June 24, 2012

A slight bright white plight

It really bugs me when I don't understand basic scientific principles. I like to be informed. I like to "get it". Color is one of the things I just don't get. Rays are bouncing off objects and flying deep into our eyes, where they are shooting information past our retinas back into the recesses of our brains and we say Blue! I see a blue flower! Is that how it works?

I always forget: is white the absence of all color? Or is white the one that is actually all the colors together and our brain gets confused and we say White! I see a crisp white shirt (except for the big stain right there in front where I dripped some tomato sauce). If only tomato sauce was the absence of all color, then Oxi-Clean and Spray & Wash would go belly-up. Many modern white fabrics are not even really white. They are dyed white. Pretty sneaky, huh? That's why bleaching white clothes often makes a stain. As if life isn't frustrating enough with all those tomatoes flying at us.

Right now I'm in desperate need for some crisp white cotton. And it has to be 100% cotton so it will fray in a rag quilt. There are probably some white cotton dress shirts in our towering ironing pile, the pile that will never go away. Would he notice? I could claim they had some tomato sauce stains that just wouldn't bleach out. I could say I just don't comprehend color and it was in the interest of understanding this profound subject that I was forced to experiment with his crisp white cotton shirts. Does a white shirt even exist in the black hole of our ironing pile?


This vintage damask will look great with the un-color that is white.