Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moo Moo Millie, an Utterly Bovine Deconstructed Cow Quilt

Got Quilt?
It's a great feeling when a complete stranger buys one of my quilts. I get the notification from Etsy, give the quilt a once-over, check for stray threads, find a good sized box, weigh it, print up the label and make the happy trip to the post office. I love the post office when I'm shipping a quilt, even if the line is long. I dream of saying, if anyone were to ask, "Why yes, complete strangers buy these items I make. And they pay me too!" Nobody has ever asked, but I'm always ready.

The other way I sell quilts is to people I know. They either see one I have posted or ask if I can make them a custom one. Those are the hard sells for me. The first time a person I know buys a quilt, I'm convinced it's a Pity Sale. Nobody wants a Pity Sale. If that same friend/customer wants a second quilt, then I'm convinced it's a Sale to Convince Jessica That the First Sale Was Not a Pity Sale. Oh, this low self-esteem I've been blessed with. What if that customer/friend wants a third quilt? At that point I figure they must, for some strange reason, just happen to, maybe, just a little bit, sort of, kind of, like, or at least not hate, the first and second quilts they bought, possibly.

Their Before poses.

Before my Mom and family came to visit in April, the house got a thorough spring cleaning. Hiding under the guest bed along with the dust bunnies was some cow-themed fabric I had completely forgotten about. Leave it to me to lose farm animals under the furniture, but I was very happy be to reunited with the lost sheep and cows and pigs After our company went home, I carved out some time to cut up the fabric farm animals.

I had discovered a really cute piece of project fabric at the thrift store, originally intended to become a cow pillow. Why make a pillow when you can have the whole farm, that's what I thought. So I combined the project pieces with some cute calico, a bit of black and white checks, a dash of bandanna themed paisley, a pair of never worn Lee cotton shorts, and two more cow themed prints.

There was a lot of fabric in this quilt I was afraid would not fray, so instead of using Warm and White batting inside sewn with an X, I used squares of really good white flannel as a third layer. I should have gone with the really cheap white flannel, it would have frayed better. But with use and washings and dryings, this quilt will do what all rag quilts do - get better with age. Happy cow quilts not only come from California, they come from under the guest bed.

63 squares of Bovine Chicness.

Off to greener pastures.

I'm a vegan butcher.

All rolled up with somewhere to go.