Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If it sits like a duck, plant trees

Shooting up right past the toddler years, our cute little maples out front look like adolescents now. Seems like only yesterday they were little guys, shorter than this shorty.

March 2013, planting day

When we moved here in the Fall of 2012, our yard had grass and some agapanthas and that was it. We don't live on a corner, but the way the street bends it felt so exposed. Besides having to leave our street where we lived across from some great friends, our beloved rental was nestled in with other houses and just felt more a part of the neighborhood. We knew we needed trees at the new place and we needed them fast. Our little maples soon were joined by our Sea of Mulch and some drought resistant plants and a path. A bit better but the sitting duck feeling persisted.

June 2013, while we let the lawn die.
Duck. Sitting.

August 2013
Quack! Quack!

May 2014
Ahh, much better.

Shade, plants, growing things.
No more sitting duck!

Our path to somewhere
I care way too much what people think so this whole Mulch Madness project has been hard for me. I like results and I want them yesterday. I have finally learned to respect that little tag on the plants that says put them such and such feet apart, but that means waiting for things to fill in and that means it comes together far from yesterday. This week a woman walked by and said our yard was looking cuter and cuter every month and that it is an inspiration. I tried not to quack up!