Monday, September 15, 2014

The Rafaela Quilt

Just in time for fall swimming weather - the autumnal themed & colored Rafaela quilt makes its debut while the temperature in Northern California continues to scream summer. The ice cream trucks are making their rounds, the pool is using up the chlorine like mad and our clothes dry on the line once I turn my back. But here we go with a nice cozy quilt full of fall leaves, cute calicoes and warm dark corduroys. The colors of brown, green, orange and cream are in contrast to our pink crepe myrtle out front and our blossoming impatiens on the back porch. But autumn will come, right? Just a sprinkle or two? A temperature below 80 perhaps? Some fog would be nice, or just a white puffy cloud to create some shade, that would be such a treat.

I cut this quilt out on our last trip to the cabin with our friends Jeff and Myra. Then it sat in the fabric closet and waited until summer ended. I'm trying to get some inventory built up for a craft fair in a few weeks, but someone has already expressed interest in buying this quilt. (It just sold!) A sale is a sale, but Drats! I'll have one less quilt for the craft fair. Dumb thinking, I know, but I really need inventory or the whole idea of a craft fair would be a big waste of time. "Step right up folks, and peruse my three quilts and four baby hats. Don't all crowd in at once, there's plenty for everyone." Back to the cutting board, I need to sew some more quilts. Crank up the air conditioner, make some banana pops, go dunk in and out of the pool, it is Quilt Season!

The Rafaela quilt...

...fuzzed up... a champ.