Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Feeling quite crafty after the faire

The Leif Quilt gathered no moss.

Well, well, well. That about sums up my feelings after my craft faire in Curtis Park, a totally cool neighborhood in Sacramento. The people were great, the weather cooperated, the venue was nice, the other vendors were not intimidating and ca-ching ca-ching, I sold half my quilts and some other items. The first quilt sold in the first ten minutes, and that certainly got things off to a nice start. I explained my process so many times I got tired of my own voice, but my up-cycled process seemed to be a hit with this eclectic and gracious crowd of shoppers. 

Every time a quilt sold, I crossed off the price and wrote SOLD across the price.
That seemed to work to say, HEY FOLKS, they're going fast!

Lars the Snowman Quilt sold with the matching hat.

I got some paper towel holders at Big Lots to display the hats.
Only the Snowman and the Minion hat sold, Miss Mattie Gasgar and gang came back home defeated.

The Bunny Quilt

My best moment came the next morning. A super nice mom bought the Bunny Quilt for her little girl. She said it was in hopes that it helped her daughter sleep through the night. The next day she messaged me through my Square Register to say it worked! Her daughter slept through the night in her own bed with her new Bunny Quilt. So much for my pledge on a stack of fabric to never make another puffy quilt ever, ever, ever! The Amazing Puffy Quilt to Make Your Kid Sleep Like a Bunny - I can see the Etsy title right now.