Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's seventy degrees, break out the hats!

After yesterday's deluge (a new rainfall record at Sacramento airport) today felt like Hawaii. Wrapped up in boots and my raincoat, the temperature in my car said 68 hot humid degrees outside. Just perfect for tomorrow's craft fair to sell wooly scarves, warm and thick hats and cozy quilts. If there was such a thing as a craft fair curse, I would have it. I really pictured a fair on December 5th to have a chill in the air. Silly me. I may have to make a sign that reads "For your little bundle of baby".

But I've been sewing my little heart out and crocheting like mad. The grand total comes to 10 quilts, 11 hats, 3 scarves and some craft and sewing supplies I don't need anymore. The set up has taken more brains than most of the items for sale, because apparently you can't just throw a bunch of stuff down on a table and sit back while people shove money in your hand. Silly me. You have to merchandise, you have to think like a buyer, you have to go to interior design classes and mannequin making classes to "set the scene." Thankfully for me, my neighbors will help me with this, because they too want to sell winter things to people wearing t-shirts and shorts in December. Maybe we can set up a snow machine, or blow freezing cold air in our little corner as we pile them with scarves so they "don't catch their death".

We pack up the car tonight and then hope for an arctic blast to hit during the night. I keep telling myself it will be OK if I don't sell anything, it has been a fun experience getting to this point. But who am I kidding, I never want to see these things again. Except the penguin, I have become quite attached to the penguin. She's got winter wonderland all wrapped up.

Little Mattie Gascar
Rastafarian Snowman
One-eyed Minion
Mr. Sweaty Ears
Dilbert, the Geek Chic TV Quilt
Audrey. That's all I have, Audrey.
Digger, the dog quilt for your lap
Fredrica, the Farm to Spork Quilt
The Bunny Quilt who's official name has escaped me because I'm burning up in my winter clothes.