Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Fair Afternoon

Where else can you

Pet a sturgeon
See award winning artwork
Talk to beer and wine making experts
See gerbera daisies growing in all colors of the rainbow
Pay $3 for a slice of watermelon
Get soaking wet on a log ride for $2
Ask a SMUD lineman what his scariest moment was on the job
Ask a Master Gardener from UC Davis Extension what to do about your Mexican Feather Grass
Try to not jump up and down like a crazy woman when you see your plum jelly got second prize in the fruit jelly division

That's right, we spent Tuesday afternoon and evening at the California State Fair. I love the fair. I love the charming counties exhibits, because it reminds me of being there with my parents. In fact, the older I get, the more I love the counties exhibits and wished I hadn't whined so much as a kid when my Dad wanted to linger at them. I feel such a strong connection to my Mom and Dad there, they were confirmed fair goers just as we are. I love walking the grounds they walked together, knowing how much they enjoyed each other's company.

I love the clashing colors and the smells and the tired kids and the happy kids and the smelly animals and the tired parents hauling around giant stuffed animals they won for their tired kids. What was my favorite part of this year's fair? Hmm, let's see, what could it be? The sticky cotton candy? Nope, hate the stuff. Bacon covered chocolate churros? Ugh! My favorite moment was seeing that second place ribbon on my plum jelly in that vast array of canned goods. Their judging policy is quite loose, like a soccer team that gives you a trophy for just showing up. If your jam was incredible, you got first place. Super yummy, second. Great, third. If it had bubbles and was cloudy, you got diddly-squat. I know Ernst was very happy I didn't get third or diddly-squat. It was his idea to enter my jelly, he did all the paperwork and dropped it off. If he had had to walk around the fair with a whiny wife who didn't get a good prize, he would only have himself to blame. 

We didn't get the pork chop on a stick...

...or the deep fried cheese curds...

...we got the watermelon and the fruit, which you really have to search for.

I love the fair!