Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sacramento Summer Survival Strategies

Summer came late, and for that we are grateful. Like a fashionably tardy guest, it gave us some breathing room before it became too hot to breathe. But summer is here for reals now. No more messing around, we've had a few scorchers. What to do when the temps go up? Here are just a few survival strategies.

Sit on the front porch, drink a beer and sort out your rags. It will make the neighbors feel so much better about their own lives. 
Decide you probably won't ever need another rag in your life. Ever.

Live on salads. There is no heat involved, and very little thinking.

Roll in the dirt, it has a cooling effect.

See above.

Make smoothie bowls. Plunk your face in until you feel better.

Make plum wine. See above.

Crank up the AC, make a quilt and pretend it's December.

Go horseback riding on the beach. Thank the horse, of course.

Go to Lake Tahoe. In skirts. And have a rock throwing contest. In skirts.

When you're in a pickle or a jam, make some jelly.

Put your feet up really high, they're tired of feeling stepped on.

Organize your tee shirts. Fold them the Duh Way. 

Dish towels. The Duh Way.

Then wash them and let them dry in a Sacramento Summer Second.

Revamp your printer area. 

Realize you probably don't need so much paper in your life. 

Find a nice cool place to lie down. Dream of rain. Autumn will be here soon.