Friday, June 8, 2018

My Baha 5 Surgery, So Attractive!

More information to come, but my Baha 5 Attract surgery was a success. The entire process at the Kaiser Surgery Center was a breeze, no worries and no pain. My surgeon and anesthesiologist were just great, I was completely at ease.

For some reason I didn’t expect blood, so the soaked bandage thing I came home with was a bit of a surprise. I also didn’t expect the turban-like wrap, so of course I had to have some fun with that.

The full extent of what I’ve had done, that there is a screw in my skull and a magnet under my skin is starting to sink in. I’m ever so gently pressing around the area, trying to feel the edges of the magnet. Gulp!

This summer will be interesting hairstyle-wise. I expected about a half dollar size section of hair shaved off. It’s baseball sized. The incision? I expected something the size of a quarter. My husband says it’s more like a racquetball shaped incision. Funny how when it comes to scars and wound sizes, we immediately go to money and sport balls for comparisons.

Another update in a few days, right now my baseball is itching and my racketball needs some ice.