Monday, July 23, 2012

When adults go to the fair

The Zipper

Going on thirty years ago, this ride - The Zipper - could very well have changed my life. I was young and head-over-heels with a certain young guy. A group of us went to the California State Fair. It was "arranged" that I would ride The Zipper with the Guy. It did not go well. No, I didn't throw up my corn dog, but I pretty much came out of it looking like a big paranoid freak that no one would want to spend the rest of their life with, let alone the few agonizing minutes of cage time this ride provides.

They may have named a cage after me

"I HATE this!!"
"I'm going to DIE!"
"My purse, my purse is flying around!"
"Why won't it stop? Please stop!"
"Get me off!"

Yippee for the Zipper, because years later along came this guy!

21st Anniversary at the California State Fair!

Things you don't bring to the Fair when you're young.
Really comfortable, kind of dorky shoes

Floss for after the roasted corn

Oh, if only I had used this when I was young

For what the floss missed

Even comfy shoes can turn on you

Reading glasses, healthy snacks and water

For the contacts I never used to need

Other people's kids

Something you can't have at the Fair when you're young:

A glass from the World's Largest Margarita - and they did not skimp on the Tequila!

Greetings from the California State Fair. If you go there to kindle a romance, I strongly suggest staying away from The Zipper and sticking to a nice Ferris Wheel ride.