Thursday, July 19, 2012

Iron Man versus the Mollinator

There was a knock on the door. We have one of those clunky old safety screen doors that allows me to see who is there without the person seeing in (or coming in) so I opened it up right away. There at the door was a crazy man, dressed in a red costume, making strange poses and noises. Was I scared? Nope, it was just our neighbor Jason, dressed as Iron Man. The red costume and hand gestures made me think he was Spider Man spinning a web, but alas I am so behind the times I didn't identify the correct super hero. (Later I kept referring to him as Lead Man. Now that would be a useful character, one made of lead.) Here on the porch, the character who is our neighbor and friend was at it again. I began laughing so hard I could hardly open the door.

He came to show off his costume to Ernst, but Molly our dog took the whole thing way too seriously and was just freaking out. She normally loves Jason. I am so content to know that if a bad guy ever comes to do bad things while dressed as a super hero or a skunk, Molly will have none of it. She turns into the Mollinator and she needs no Super Pup costume.

I could not locate the photo of Jason in a Princess Leia costume, but it did happen.