Friday, July 13, 2012

Shed Happens

Quick! Think of a four letter word that starts with an S.
If you thought of shed you are so good and so correct.

We have needed a shed for a long time coming. The garden equipment SLASH junk area of our yard was getting super gross and out-of-hand. We were tired of apologizing even to the sewer workers who have to traipse through our gate to get to the neighborhood SLASH entire world's catch drain.

I had in mind something like this:

My dream shed.

OK, back to reality. Maybe we could just pick one up at Costco. Costco has stuff nice and cheap, right?
$1,700. Gulp. Bigger than the bedroom in my first apartment.

Craigslist was next. Good ol' Craig Buddy will have something for us. Then again, maybe Craig is all out of practically free garden sheds that come pre-planted with climbing roses.

What to do? What to do? We did what we always do. Sit and wait until a garden shed just falls from the sky. Free. From the sky. Garden shed - that is what we waited for it to rain.

And a honking big shelf to go in the shed would be great too, while this Shed Storm is raging.

Be very careful what you wait for. We were visiting our friends Jeff and Myra one night, getting the grand tour of their newly purchased home. They showed us around a bit and then offered us alcohol. That was our first mistake and, we are now sure, part of the Great Evil Shed Giveaway Plan of 2012. Ernst had a beer and I had a glass of wine. Then J and M offered to show us the little upstairs office they have above their garage. It was dark outside. We had alcohol coursing through our veins. Someone said, "Hey do you want a shed? See there? In the dark? Below us, that shed? Do you want it?" YES, why of course we answered. Or was it the libations talking?

Word to the wise:

Don't ever agree you want a shed while under the influence.
Don't ever agree to a free shed in the dark.
Don't ever say yes to a shed you have looked at only from above.
Don't ever take a shed off someone's hands in the heat of the moment, or in the heat of the summer.
Don't ever assume that sheds are normal sized. Some are of the Shedus Gigantagous variety.

Thank you Jeff and Myra for our new shed! Although it took the loan of Marlene's truck, two days to disassemble, and several weeks of sitting in our backyard looking like something out of the movie Twister, we now have a garden shed. Or shall I say a 1/4 Garden Shed Lean-to Thing That Hides Stuff. I am so happy. Now I just need to encourage some gorgeous climbing roses to grow up and encase it in fragrant and colorful blossoms. I think I'll just sit back and wait for them to fall from the sky.

Hiding oodles of stuff.

Covered with flowers already.

So, do you want 3/4 of a shed? Meet us at our back gate area. By OUR shed. In the dark. But first we'll have some drinks.

In serious need of climbing roses.