Monday, December 31, 2012

Making Tamales in Ten Easy Steps

I'll walk you through our process:

1.  We walk out our door and head to Martin and Anna's place.
2.  We munch and talk to friends while Martin and Anna finish up the tamale fixing stuff.
3.  We watch carefully as Martin demonstrates the proper way to assemble a tamale.
4.  We ask for another demonstration.
5.  We thoroughly mess up the tamales we assemble. Apparently the trick is not too much corn stuff. Ernst puts in way too much corn stuff.
6.  Certain people get tired of making overstuffed tamales, and soon it is just myself and Judy slaving away at the tamale table.
7.  Martin takes away our humble attempts to the kitchen to be steamed in big scary looking pots.
8.  We sit down to freshly steamed, homemade tamales.
9.  We eat them.
10. We eat some more and then we say, Roll me over to the dessert tamales!

Martin was kind enough to make us some yummy vegan filling with mushrooms and zucchini and onions. Understuffed, overstuffed, leaking out the side and oozing out the bottom, even tamales made by amateurs are yu-u-um!

Not ready for their close-up

Inner beauty is so important