Thursday, December 27, 2012

Iron deficiency? Not here!

When we officially got the new house, one of the first decisions we made was to put a fence around the pool. It was a bit of a shame to do so, because the pool is such a great focal point in the yard. But we just didn't want the worries that come with pools and children. Plus, our dog Molly dive bombs anyone who is splashing in the water. So for the safety of all the kids who will visit our home, we made the call to fence the thing in.

I was in charge of getting the bids and I got four of them. The estimates were all over the place, but the one thing that kept coming up is that putting in a black chain link fence is not that much cheaper than going with an iron one. Since it was such a shame to fence in the pool, I was heavily leaning toward the iron option. I leaned hard enough and I got my iron fence. We went with Bill's Fence Company 916-332-5568. Molly soon got used to the two guys with welder masks in her yard. She's not too happy about having to run all the way around the fence now to chase the squirrels in the back. This new addition really interferes with her critter chasing. And she gets really annoyed when her ball rolls under the gate. The neighbors probably do too because she thinks barking will make it roll back.

Until warmer weather arrives, the pool will have to wait. But inside it's cozy as can be because Ernst really wanted a Regency fireplace insert, He thought it was a such a shame to have all this free firewood and he leaned heavily on me to get one for the house. I had bad memories of the one we had up in Tahoe. That thing drafted terribly and all I remember is the house being smoky and me being cold. This one is great and it is so efficient at burning we can use it even on no burn days. We got it just over on Fulton at River City Fireplace. Love love love it! So I got my iron fence and Ernst got his fireplace insert. As far as sort of expensive heavy black objects for the house, we're done for now.

"If you ask me, it was a waste of good money"

"If you ask me, it was money well spent"