Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We found the light

How do you misplace a big bathroom light with three glass fixtures? We did and it "turned up missing" as they say, until just the other day.
The roof and the bathroom were the first rooms to get attacked in our remodel. The roof was easy but the bathroom was scary. Big holes where wall should be, dry rot, mold, window replacement, tub out on the lawn - I never knew quite what to expect when I peeked in. And then there were the stories I heard after, about the actual mushrooms growing on the wall in the past! I wonder why Ernst didn't tell me that before it got fixed? Fungus among us - lovely.
Being that the light was one of the first things removed, it made its way around here looking for a safe place to hide until the dust settled. But after the dust settled, we couldn't find it. For weeks. We had a construction light/electrical extension cord lighting up the room. Wow, that did wonders for my makeup application. But The E finally looked in the place it actually was - in the master closet, behind his suits, hiding out from all the ruckus.
That officially closes the remodel of the bathroom. Except for when I repaint, because this turned out a wee bit more ballistic yellow than I imagined.

Breakdown of what we did:
dry rot and mold removal
new tub
new window
new flooring, a great Tarkett remnant for cheap
updated electrical
paint - walls, ceiling, door and new baseboards
new shower surround

Where the wild things grew

Great big window, but not good for a shower
After - that Target shower curtain looks better in person, I hope.