Monday, January 21, 2013

An Honest Dog

Launder Dog has become The Honest Dog, Moving from Alta Arden & Fulton to Arden & Morse, but keeping all the great vibe of the old place, An Honest Dog is still just a hop, skip and a pounce from our house. New location, same great service, or so we humans think. Our dog has another opinion.

What else could a dog owner want than big waterproof aprons, large doggie-safe wash basins with ramps, warm water, pet shampoo, dry towels at the ready, blowers for drying and a big choice of brushes and combs? And best of all, all the shaking and stinky wet dog hair shedding happens somewhere other than our house.





Go Niners!

All is forgiven. An Honest Dog is a happy dog.