Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When kitchens barf

Today after work, as I was puttering around the house figuring out something constructive to do, I had a great peaceful feeling. The house is basically done inside and we can have a few weeks of enjoying it before we start tackling the gardens. Oh, the joy of having all that work behind us.

I started a vegan rice pudding from Baked Bree and a big pot of veggie and barley soup from scratch. As I was peeling the carrots I was thinking that soon we'll get the worm composting bin going. Those little critters will munch away at our food scraps and produce some great compost for the garden. At the other house we had a traditional compost bin. It went something like this:

Walk past the dog who was doing her best to look nonchalant.
Dump the compost on the pile and try to bury it with the pitchfork.
Walk back past the still nonchalant dog, who is not making any eye contact at this point.
Go back inside, shut the door, and watch the dog make a bee line to dig up and eat the food scraps.

Oh, the joy of garbage disposals, I thought, as I fed quite a few carrot peelings down the chute. Grind, grind, grind and good-bye veggie scraps. Good thing I looked back, because a few minutes later I noticed water coming out from under the sink. Then I saw it was more than just water. It was carrot barf! Lots and lots of carrot barf spilling out from under the sink. I opened the cupboard and saw an even worse sight - carrots scraps and water were everywhere.

I screamed for Ernst, who brought rags and buckets. It was a gag-inducing amount of food scraps to clean up. Turns out the configuration of plumbing coming out of our garbage disposal cannot provide enough pressure to keep the gunk from backing up. A trip to Home Depot was in order. And then another trip. It's a really good thing we have a big pot of barley soup and some comfort food to get us by, because we may not have a working sink for a while. Oh, the joy of home ownership.