Friday, January 25, 2013

Work like an Egyptian

On my list of things not to do when I grow up - become a brick layer. Today at the RBC project in Rancho Cordova it was day three of laying the pavers in the parking lot. Eventually there will be about 150,000 pavers installed at this project, so far I officially installed the grand total of...drum roll please...ONE!

I declined to be a "setter" but took on the job of being a "feeder." The setters, mostly young women, were amazing and speedy and super efficient, laying the large bricks down in a herringbone pattern that stayed straight row after row. We less confident folks were the feeders who got the bricks off the dollies and placed them strategically in piles so they could be quickly grabbed for placement. It was really hard work and my body is not very happy with me right now. What saved us was the almost perfect January day. Right now I'm off for a long soak as an apology to my back and shoulder muscles. I'm not in pain yet, but tomorrow I think it'll hit like a ton of bricks.

Pavers are bricks on steroids

We reached the tree by dinner time

Ronnie Chipmonk!

Three at a time was my limit
I really need to get some new work jeans, my old jeans were all either too short or too big so I made them into a jean rag quilt. For today, I raided Ernst's closet, found a pair and just rolled up the cuffs. When I told him I was borrowing his jeans, he said "They fit you?" I asked what he meant and he said, after a pause, "Won't they be too long for you?" Good save, my man, good save!