Monday, May 6, 2013

An elephant hunt for Noah's quilt

My mission was clear from Noah's great-grandma - make an elephant themed quilt in grey, white and yellow. So many aisles I walked up and down, looking for just that. I saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my did I. But all the safari animals were in warm earthy colors, not right for this baby's ensemble. I even saw some monkey and banana fabric and exclaimed, Monkeys, why could it not be monkey themed? The monkeys had to hang tight, they were not for this quilt.

My elephant hunt continued on - they had to be hiding somewhere. And then they appeared, adorable as can be. White elephants, rows and rows of them, on black cotton. Black is the new grey, right? Like 50 is the new 40? Whatever, I found the cutest fabric for the elephant quilt for Noah from his great-grandma!