Monday, May 27, 2013

Pepe Le Pooch pummels putrid pest, people prepare potent potion

How to have a nice little swim party with friends.
Some young friends of ours have been asking for months to come and paddle our kayaks in the pool. The grownups' schedules finally meshed and we were able to have them over last night. The weather was just perfect, not too cold to swim, not too hot to enjoy being outside. A little paddling, a little talking, a few kayak races for the girls, some swimming, some more talking - a nice relaxing evening with people who are so easy to be with.

How to end a nice little swim party with friends.
We left the wet dog outside to prowl the yard while the guests came inside to continue the conversation. Ugh, what is that smell? Oh yes, she did it again, Molly got hit by another skunk. This time was particularly pungent. We heard her barking at something, it started to get pretty loud. Ernst went outside to investigate. There was a bit of silence. Then Molly came running around from behind the shed gagging.

So ended that evening. Our friends scrambled to find their things and get out the door before they were permeated with the stench. Ernst changed his clothes that got tagged just being in the vicinity of the ruckus. He put on some junk clothes to perform the anti-skunk remedy. We need to get a washing machine with a skunk setting - boiling hot with an extra rinse cycle.

Self control is not one of her strong points.

What can't she get about this? Black and white animal. Stinks. Stay away. End of story. Even for a slightly colorblind animal, it shouldn't be that difficult. It's time to invest in a restaurant-sized bottle of vanilla extract.
"It was this big!"