Thursday, May 30, 2013

A brick and mortar story

Oh, my body is going to be very angry at me tomorrow. I learned how to do masonry today and every tired muscle in me is wondering why. Two years ago, at the wall build at our hall, I thought it would be "fun" to join the masonry crew for RBC. For that project, because the wall parts were so stinking heavy, the newbies were not expected to do any actual laying. We just came back through and cleaned up and made it pretty. I thought it was "a blast" and asked the overseer to put me on the crew. So I was tickled to get invited to do masonry at the Rancho Cordova build. My friend Nina and I went together, and on the way I explained that as newbies, we would not be doing any of the actual placing of the stones. We would just come back and make it pretty.

That idea fell like a ton of bricks. There were three sizes of stones we laid today - Little, Middle and Stonehenge. Lifting up a Stonehenge one, slapping mortar on the back in just the right way so it didn't fall off and make the wall look like a bunch of newbies put it up required great strength. As my back was screaming and my arms were shaking, my body was saying to my brain - "You set your alarm clock for this?"

It's all in the wrist. And back. And arms. And...

With our work in the sound department, we know our installation is going to last quite a few years. The drink department is crucial, but the lasting impact? A few hours at best. But knowing that these stones are going to be there for a very, very long time was a gulp feeling. I kept stepping back to see our work. There are some parts that look just wonderful. Other parts? Some well placed bushes ought to do the trick. I wonder if Stonehenge had any newbies?