Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hamster food is hip

We have turned the corner. The days are getting longer, and all the December silliness is over. The proof was in the entrance to Costco yesterday: gone were the tins of chocolate, truffles and toffee, replaced with health foods galore. Not just cheesy-psuedo-healthfood that has something-or-other-dextrose as the first ingredient, but a really great selection of rices and grains and raw sprouted seeds and snacks that are made from foods with real ingredients. I met Ernst there and we laughed when we saw we had both grabbed up the same bags of items - foods we would have considered hamster food in the old days.

A friend was asking me this weekend what we eat, and for once I didn't blank out. Instead of saying all the things we don't eat, I just rattled off what we live on. Hearty soups, beans full of added vegetables, rice dishes, Mexican food minus the meat and dairy, pastas with veggie sauces, Thai food, roasted veggies, fruit, nuts, cereals and then we are finally back to the hearty soups. Our meals use up a lot of bowls and we don't have much use for our steak knives anymore, but that's OK. In summer we are into salads, but right now dinner is most likely something warm and hearty in a bowl. Leftovers are king, queen and duke and we bow down before them.

And to the inevitable question that always comes up when discussing our diet, sit back and enjoy this little jingle.  :0)