Monday, January 20, 2014

Seeing spots

It was well past midnight, yet I kept on track. I was not about to go to bed with such an important task left undone. It would have bugged me to no end to leave the job unfinished, or just do spotty work. I was antsy to see the finished product, but these things can't be rushed. The time flew by. Soon I was done and could go to sleep without that creepy-crawly feeling of something buzzing overhead, needing to be completed.

Bug eyes!

Spots coming and going

Antennas are very important

To keep it from flying off

The pattern for this very fun-to-make hat came from the wonderful crochet site Repeat Crafter Me. This one took much longer to make than the sock monkey hats, all those spots needed to be carefully made all cute and rounded, and then came the decision of where to sew them on. Maybe I should have waited until morning to finish it, because I found a spot on the couch that didn't make it in. Can a ladybug lose her spots? Past midnight, yes.

I'm not addicted, I'm not addicted.