Thursday, October 2, 2014

It felt like fall...for all of five minutes

Two days into October and summer is not budging. While the sun is setting earlier and tricking us in the morning to sleep in, it's a bit on the warm side. And this weekend looks to be downright hot. Oh well, my sweaters will have to sit tight a few more weeks.

Our little taste of fall involved a trip up to our friends' cabin. Not only was it cool enough for a fire at night, it rained! Glorious, lovely rain and thunder at night, and then drippy joyous rain a good part of the days. This precipitation lover was in weather heaven, and I was a bit bummed to come down the mountain on Sunday to only grey skies. It did pour here on Friday night, according to the neighbor, which made the plants look fab, but now we're back to dryyyyyy heat.

Our trip to the cabin was eventful for another reason besides the rain. Our pooch had quite the weekend. Every dog eventually has its last vacation, and the whole time its family is melancholy knowing Ol' Skip will most likely not make it camping - or to the mountains - or to the beach again. Pictures are taken, a tear or two is shed and Ol' Skip wonders why everyone is passing him their meat scraps while looking so glum.

Our Molly is only five, so it won't be age that will keep her from coming to the cabin again. It's her rambunctious nocturnal vacation habits that have been her undoing. On a typical cabin trip, Molly feels the need to wake us up a couple of times for nightly walks and a seemingly fake need to potty. This trip added some legitimate reasons: Friday night she got into all her food for the weekend (I failed to shut the lid to her dog food container) and we all suffered for it. We had a bloated unhappy dog needing to go out four times to throw up on Friday night, and a slightly sluggish dog all day Saturday needing to go out to poop and have the runs four times Saturday night. So much for the restful weekend!

But watch your step outside, she was a busy beaver in the elimination department.

It's the altitude.
Despite the mishap, The Boy and The Molls enjoyed hanging out together.

Bring Moldovan girls to the cabin, they do the dishes and make the table look so cute!

Packing up to leave, she seems to know she blew it.
Now that we're all unpacked back home, I am totally in the crocheting mood. I've got the yarn, I've got the weekend, I've got my hat pattern, now all I need is the right weather. But 90 degrees in October is not crochet weather. Unless the temperature is 70 or below, I can't stand the idea of yarn touching my skin. The hats will have to wait, we have ourselves a summer swimming weekend!

I thought maybe I just imagined buying blue yarn last night,
looked and looked,
thought I would have to go back to the yarn store,
then saw the thief with her stolen goods.

Got yarn, need fall.