Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yummy sandwich, bad bread

That's how our dog sitter perfectly described our quick trip back East this past weekend. Not to mull over the details of all our airline woes, but we had cancelled flights, delayed flights and a trip that went a bit longer than planned. The flying part was the bread, and it was bad.

The inside of the trip, the sandwich, was completely wonderful. We surprised my Mom and Sis by our arrival Friday night. How fun that was - I just love some good underhanded travel subterfuge! We spent the night at Bethel and then attended an incredible Annual Meeting. Come on, really? We have a television station now? It was great to attend this event together, and we were pretty happy at that point we had flown out for the weekend. The next day we had a party at the house with a group that had guests from France, China and India. For the French guests, I was trying to dredge up any crumbs left in my brain from high school French, but something ate them. I did manage to get the cheek kissing down without knocking out anyone's teeth and said a few au revoirs at the end of the evening. We are now back to our silly dog, the lingering heatwave, and regular life. I do intend to write a big long complaint letter to the airline for the nasty bread part of the trip - maybe they'll throw us a crumb or two.

Ernst and Jessica visit Bethel.
Caleb and Sophia were as perky as ever.

I predicted a baby Bible, but it was cuter than I imagined!

Ernst and Jessica at Patterson Bethel.
The road not taken.

Family pic at Annual Meeting

It has become apparent I need to work on my jumping skills.

I heard Cabernet Sauvignon pronounced so beautifully from our French guests.
Too bad we served Trader Joe's brand.

Pretty New England fall.

Be it ever so arid, there's no place like home. 
Molly suckered the dog sitter into buying her a new toy!