Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bunny Love quilt hops out of my life

During one of my "I'm being buried alive in sewing supplies!!" cleaning frenzies, I shoved some fabric in a few of those boxes made for under-the-bed organization. You know the ones - the boxes that get covered in dust bunnies, dog fur balls and layers of lint from other sources we don't want to think about. After wondering for a whole winter season where all my favorite sweaters were, I finally pulled out the boxes and rediscovered some treasures. Among the dust bunnies, there was the sweetest little never-made fabric bunny book I found at the thrift store. I had to be ruthless and hack off the pages containing Easter baskets, but I was still left with some adorable fabric pieces with a story of bunnies hopping around doing what bunnies do. Well, at least the things fit to print in a children's book.

"I prefer the term Dust Mice, thank you!"
The deconstructed fabric book paired well with another never-made project from the thrift store - a how-to-sew-a-stuffed-bunny fabric. They looked great with some pretty calicoes and soft prints, an up-cycled seersucker and chenille bedspread and a gorgeous shirt from Ernst's co-worker Jeff that had a sad run-in with the wrong dryer setting. It all made for a sweet and girly baby blanket that's super soft and snuggly. My goal for this winter is to say good-bye to all things stored under the beds, get it all out where I can keep an eye on it and get those dust bunnies hopping off for good.