Friday, December 31, 2010

The Jessica Quilt

My first rag quilt was quite an undertaking. I thought that 100 squares would not be that much different than the 80 we used on the Janet Quilt. Eighty squares is plenty big, now I know.
First, I had to get a sewing machine, and then another one, but that is another story.
Then I discovered my source for terrific fabric: designer fabric samples from top designers, $2 a bag at the thrift store. It was summer and hot so I just cranked up the air conditioner and sewed away. Ernst had to help when I sewed around the edges, the quilt was too large to lay on the table.
Just love the way it turned out. Looking closely at it, I see some corners that I wouldn't let fly now, but it was my first quilt without any help. Here it is on the porch and in the guest room.