Friday, December 31, 2010

Judy's Quilt

When our dear friend Dan died, I offered to make his widow a memory quilt from his clothes. It was difficult, I could still smell Dan's aftershave on his shirts. I sat there staring at the clothes, unable to cut into them. Ernst told me just start, the fabric didn't know it was from a deceased person.
The hardest part, besides the emotional aspect, was using a faux sheepskin jacket that had been a favorite. It was the sewing equivalent of skiing through powder, the foot of the machine would be completely hidden and I just hoped for the best. I was also afraid the whole thing would come apart in the wash, but that fabric did great and it just makes the quilt so special.
I was left with an array of buttons from the shirts and jackets, so I sewed these into some of the corner squares, a nice touch I hadn't done before. I hope Judy continues to find comfort in this memory quilt.