Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jilcara's Quilt

I made this one for my friend Jilcara, a thank you for helping me with the first Romanian party (Primul An) at our house. She worked so hard and it all turned out so beautiful.  I am thrilled that she loves the quilt and uses it. I was then using all that great designer sample fabric, the colors just went together so nicely because the samples were meant to coordinate. It looks even better in her decor.

Jilcara looking cool in 102 degree heat
 Some pictures of the first party Jilcara helped me plan. What a beautiful night that was, and so cool to only spend $100 on it! Everyone should have a party planner as a friend.
The little squirts having fun at the kid's table

Loads and loads of candles
Viorica, Laura and Emilia in front of the Hand banner they made