Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joanne's Quilt

December of 2009: This was the most fun I have had yet making a rag quilt. First of all, I was back East with the Fam, and it was December and the weather was cold and snowing. Perfect stay inside and sew weather.
Second, I got to use Joanne's great new (old) Singer, the kind of machine I wish I had. No jams, no fuss, just humming along sewing.
Third, Joanne already had helped me make my very first quilt, she knew the drill. We used some of her old jeans, some fabric I brought with me, and some new we bought there. The fabric I worried the most about, the flannel with mushrooms on it, turned out to be my favorite squares.
Joanne even hosted a quilting party, with her quilt as the main attraction. It was fun and the guests dropped by a few days later to see the finished product. Joanne and I went to the laundry mat on Christmas day, and stared at the washing and drying process like two dads in the maternity waiting room. It turned out simply adorable, and looks great in her room with the morning sun shining in.