Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marina, the Quilt With a Porpoise

And whales, seals, penguins and schools of fish. I had fun making this, and also making up the description on Etsy. The puns were just coming to me in waves.

My little thrift store down the street has a rack I have recently discovered. I pop in there often and go straight to the fabric section and buy their remnants. Recently I discovered in their craft section they have these unfinished "project fabrics". They are pieces of fabric with the pattern and instructions all printed together. You cut out the shapes and follow what it says to do. When I get them spread out on my cutting board, I do feel a bit of guilt cutting them into squares, for about 15 seconds. Then I cut away.

Wednesday I found two pieces, a project for making a stuffed whale and baby (whale) out of fabric, and a cloth baby book about sea animals. So with two other nautical prints, I made the Marina quilt. So cute, it is like a book within a quilt. I went to our neighbor's to photograph it on their bright yellow chair. That and the fact they have real grass, not just mowed weeds, made for some nice pics.