Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Molly Has a Boyfriend!

Molly and Magnum
Peeing on a tree

No pictures of Magnum available, this is a PG rated blog

Our dog Molly is a rescue dog, so there are huge questions about her past that we will never have answered. But this is our theory, agreed upon by others who know dogs. She probably did not spend enough time with her mother, since her sense of pack behavior is all messed up. For instance, she does her business way too close to family activity, namely right near the back porch and our lawn furniture. Most dogs have a respect for space that is learned from being around other dogs. She is brimming with confidence, but she always has to have something in her mouth: a tennis ball, a scrap of material, stolen socks or even an apple from the tree in a pinch.

She was found on the streets of Bakersfield with no collar, covered with ticks and pregnant with 9 puppies at barely a year old. We have a picture of her looking skinny, young and pathetic, tied with a rope to a trailer hitch by a Good Samaritan who called the SPCA. She had abrasions on her muzzle so had already been in some dog fights at that point. When we got her, she would turn into Exorcist Dog when she saw another dog, making scary guttural noises and just flip out. Our neighbor Carmen says it is like she is a victim of assault. I have witnessed her attacking another dog and it is scary. A dog fight is terrifying to see, and when it is your dog doing the attacking it is just horrible.

We also think it would have been great if she could have stayed with one of her puppies, for which we have been told she was a good dog mom. She was very young when she had them, but did great, except for the fact that she kept stealing their toys. She went nuts when she was separated from them and it took her a long time to settle down and stop looking for them. Even after all this, we love her to pieces and she just loves people. She is not food aggressive in any way, lays on her back to get her belly rubbed and looks like the most friendly dog ever. Her vet says the only hope is that she could meet a smaller dog, very obedient and non aggressive, a neutered male and that, with extreme caution, we would see what would happen.

Along came Magnum, the dog of our new neighbors. They have four young children, including a new baby. Magnum is like a dog from the old days. He sits on their lawn, no leash, obeys them instantly and is very friendly. He is a black lab-Weimereiner mix and is on the small size. The neighbors have a super relaxed style. They sit out at night on their porch, the kids ride bikes in the street and play in the yard, with Magnum overseeing it all like dogs used to.

We about fainted when Molly and Magnum started licking each other through the fence. And they said the two dogs played happily once when Molly was tied up in our front yard while Ernst mowed the back. We still didn't believe it. Last night, they brought Magnum over on his leash while Molly was tied up on her chain. Our first mistake! Molly loved it when Magnum (not neutered!) did some interesting things to her face, which I will keep PG, and she was perfectly happy to let that happen. But as soon as he went around to her business end, it was Exorcist Dog all over again, but this time they were wrapped up in the leashes. Of course worrying about their safety first, my very second thought was VET BILLS! Ernst lifted up Molly's back legs, which is what you are supposed to do, and it helped Magnum get away. No blood, no injuries, no vet bills. After all that, they just plopped down a few feet from each other, all forgiven, no growling, nothing but happy dog faces. I was a wreck. It is horrible to see our sweet Molly turn so aggressive.

After all that. our neighbor wants to have Molly over to play in their yard with Magnum! He thinks they would just work out their differences and eventually get along. It is either the stupidest idea in the world, or Molly's only chance for recovery. He is like our own dog whisperer and seems to know what he is doing. His dog is super happy and obedient and he says Molly is a great dog who just needs to learn how to play. Do they make chastity belts for dogs? I think it would be the only way she will feel comfortable. Either that or some doggie Valium. We'll both pop a few.

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