Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Geoffrey Giraffe Quilt and the Hiccup Helpers

Recently I did a custom order baby quilt, the fabric was mailed to me. It was adorable stuff, really fun to work with. I didn't have to wonder if the customer would like the choices, she picked them herself.

When I first looked at the fabric, it was the week of the bar exam and I glanced real quickly and had to put it away a week. I first thought the giraffe fabric was dinosaurs, and I kept thinking about the quilt that week of proctoring, calling it the Dino quilt, like the dog on the Flintstones. When I finally got ready to sew, I took it out, and it was giraffes! I so wanted to call it the Dino quilt, but a giraffe named Dino? Not working for me. Geoffrey it was.

It went to together so very easily. While Ernst and another couple played Ticket to Ride and Agricola, I cut fabric, sewed the Xs, laid out the squares, sewed the rows and then the whole thing. They played games for a long time, and the quilt was done (except for the washing) by the time they went home. It turned out so cute, I just love it.

There was enough fabric left to make a little mini tied quilt, with all flannel on the back, plus two burp cloths. They are really tiny, more like hiccup cloths; too little for a belch, and definitely not a spit up sized item. They were my first, but my pattern is a bit too small for the harsh realities of baby digestion.

The Geoffrey Giraffe Quilt

The Geoffy Tied Quilt
Geoffrey, Geoffy and the Hiccup Helpers