Friday, February 10, 2012

The Da Da Sisterhood

Clothes on the chopping block
Last June (!) we attended the 25th anniversary of our friends Dennis and Julie. I made a card that promised as a gift this family quilt. Eight months later, we are almost there.

I explained what kind of fabric was needed: cotton, denim and flannel. Julie thought a lot about it and was gathering some items together. These quilts take several pieces, way more than most people think. When we dropped by their garage sale in the fall, I tore a bunch of clothes off the racks and added them to the stack. They want to get a few more sentimental items from family members, but what we have here is enough to make a family quilt.

Julie and I are members of the Da Da Sisterhood. We are both struggling to learn Romanian while being left in the dust by our own family members. Dennis and their two boys are going gangbusters with our chosen 2nd language, and Ernst is doing quite well on his 3rd. Julie and I still get that deer in the headlights, glazed eye expression of complete and utter despair as we try to comprehend a conversation. These interactions are very one sided: the Romanian speaker talks, we say Da Da as we nod our heads in agreement. The person walks away and we wonder what we just said Da to. One thing I will agree to is getting this quilt done before June. I am determined to let my Da mean Da.

Clothes - deconstructed.

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