Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Mac and Cheese goes vegan

This blog is often about our garden - but it isn't a garden blog.
This blog is often about our dog - but it isn't a dog blog.
This blog is often about my cooking adventures - but it definitely is not a cooking blog.

A good cooking blog post actually has an ingredient list, measurements, techniques, tips and directions. Good photos are key, as are witty comments. One that I check in on, because it too is featured on Sac Connect, is Pretty Yummy Foods. I don't know why I must read it, because there has not been one single recipe on it that we can eat, but I love the photography and style. It is what my blog wants to looks like when it grows up.

Today's post was Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash. OK, the last part works for us, and the Mac part is OK, but the cheese, butter and milk are from cows. All things bovine are history for us since my dearest had a heart attack on the heels of a stroke. I read the Mac and Cheese recipe and sighed, because our mac and cheese days are so over. Or are they? Dairy, Schmairy! I made mac and cheese tonight with no milk, no butter and no cheese.

The Cheesy Sauce!!

Want the recipe? So sorry, this is not a food blog. But after a quickie wedding of rice dream, veggie broth, cornstarch, Braggs, brewers yeast, some cashew vegan cheese from the farmer's market, mustard, two chopped Tofurky sausages and of course a bag of macaroni, we had ourselves a dish that was almost the right color to pass as mac and cheese. I'm not eating wheat right now so I couldn't even taste it, but the light orangy-yellow color was most exciting!

The Big E has given up so much food that he used to live on. All meat and poultry, all dairy, all eggs, and anything that had a mother. He is amazing and never cheats.  I know this because I have my spies. So it is wonderful to make him something that we just don't get anymore. I couldn't wait for him to come home. When he did, I practically met him at the door with a spoonful of this stuff. What was the verdict?

"That doesn't taste like Mac and Cheese at all......but it does taste like Beef Stroganoff!" So, just like I planned, Vegan Beef Stroganoff. I'll have the recipe up as soon as this becomes a food blog.

It looked way better before I added bread chunks.