Friday, February 17, 2012

The Battle of the Fashion Blogs

 Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen is a fun and inspiring blog I recently discovered. It has upbeat posts full of lovely ladies and gentlemen who have embraced their later years with pizazz. All these ladies appear to wake up with a determination to face the day dressed for success and style.

I remember distinctly my moment in life when I said to myself, Jessica you really need to start dressing better. I had lived in Broderick for 4 years with the barefoot tube top crowd. That look was easy to avoid. We lived in Davis for 10 years surrounded by the funky college and Co-op tie-dyed look, which was just not me either. But while up in the Sierra mountains for 2 years, surrounded by the ski bum and hiking crowd, my style really went South Lake Tahoe. The three style questions I asked up there were:

1. Is it warm?
2. Is it warm?
3. Is it warm?

Then we moved down to Sacramento into an upscale gated enclave with million dollar homes. I'm sure as we pulled onto the street with our U-Haul and the canoe strapped to the top of my beat up Subaru, our new neighbors cringed and thought There goes the neighborhood.

The next day after the move I needed to go grocery shopping. I threw on the old Tahoe outfit: a shapeless shirt over some shapeless pants with a few stains, over some clunky shoes with good snow traction. (In Tahoe, shoe shopping meant you turned over the shoe first to see if it had tread and then and only then did you even look at the style of the shoe.) Good enough, all body parts were covered and it was only grocery shopping, right? Wrong. Not only did I feel like a blob, I saw a woman I went to school with, and she did not have tread on the bottom of her shoes. Never did I do such a fast 180 with a shopping cart. If you want to be guaranteed to run into an old friend, go to the store looking just awful. Lesson learned: time to dress it up a bit.

I doubt these women from Advanced Style ever have to do 180s in the store trying to avoid old friends. I bet they are just tickled to run into people they know. If she saw me in my Tahoe Blob gear, this first lady might have thrown her lovely blue cape over me.

She isn't using a cane, she is wearing the cane!

Yes, these classy women look like they have gobs of money. And they probably have housekeepers and can afford high dry cleaning bills. But just because a person is rich and lives in New York City doesn't guarantee they will have style. Case in point:

There's another website that looks at fashion, but it's more of a Don't look because there's a dead cat in the road and it's really bad and I told you not to look kind of site: People of Walmart. Advanced Style, please come to my local Walmart. Bring your ladies. At least bring their capes. We need a boat load of capes, because sometimes even a 180 is not enough.

Photos courtesy of Advanced Style, and infostarcelebrityblogspot.