Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday on a juice fast

It's over. My two week Juice Fast Feast Fest is finished - quite successfully I might add. But note to self: Never plan a juice fast to coincide with a day where the entire nation is eating yummy food while I sip on green pond scum.

Why a fast? Because ever so slowly my body has been getting quite rebellious, and waking up is so hard to do. Sore back, stiff hands, must have a strong tea IV drip to get out of bed, puffy face that makes me look like I played defensive lineman the day before. And this is on healthy food! I'm dealing with some crazy food intolerances, and by George I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

My friend Jilcara was doing a juice feast so I decided I'd jump on the bandwagon. I did it right this time- I juiced almost all organic and I juiced fresh and often. Was I hungry? You bet I was, but only when I got my timing wrong and was not able to slug back the pond scum of the hour. Do I feel good? You bet I do. Don't know why or how this works, but I feel really good. Not just happy that the right trousers are fitting, but really happy to know I'm not destined to be down for the count with joint pain when I am still such a relatively young chick hen.

What did I juice? Anything that wasn't tied down: apples, carrots, celery, watermelon, beets and beet tops, kale, radishes, ginger, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, asparagus, green onions, romaine lettuce, grapefruit and lemons. Our produce bill was through the roof. It was insane the amount of veggies I was going through. All the juicing leftovers went into Crock Pot dog food for Molly or into the compost pile. Since Molly raids the compost pile no matter how deep we bury it, it basically all went into dog food. Our dog has really healthy bowels right now. Is it stupid to not eat all that fiber? Yes, and juicing is not a way to live. It's a drastic measure to bring about some pretty cool health results. For that I can justify a dog with lots of carrot fiber in her little bod.

Now for the hard part - breaking the fast right and documenting how I feel as I reintroduce real foods into my now cleaned out body. It will be wonderful to chew. I think first up is an apple pie with a big side of fries and some chips and guac with salsa...

Here were my squareduptweets from the two week fast:

During the meeting tonight, I think my stomach lining was digesting itself. Day one was a success - thirteen more to go of Juice Fest 2012.

Day 2 Juice Fest. Woke up. That was good. No back pain at all. That was great. Will consider becoming a zoo animal who lives on vegetation.

Day 3 of juicing. Feeling good and looking a bit fresher, I must say. Haven't hit the wall yet. Already living really close to the wall?

Was famished last night around 1am. Operating a Champion juicer at that time is not advised, so woke up starving. Otherwise great on Day 4.

Went to an after funeral family thing to see a friend in town. Food, food, everywhere food. Brought no juice but survived. Day 5 is history!

Day Six is breezing by. I discovered recipe juices-going for a specific taste. Tomato, peppers, cilantro, carrots, celery, hot pepper-Yummy!

A fridge full of washed veggies and fruit makes for heaven on Day Seven of my juice feast. Our produce bill is mega high, but feeling great.

Day 8 going great, drinking food, don't need plate.

Day Nine, feeling fine. No whine, no dine or the other wine. For chewing food, though, I do pine.

Clucking like a hen on Juicing Day Ten. When will I eat, when oh when? Five more days, can't wait 'til then.

Juice Feast is winding down, three more days to chug it down. Day Eleven's going well, can hardly wait to eat and tell.

Into Day Twelve I will not delve, ready to put this fast on the shelves, Oh, to make my juice - some elves?

From this juice fast I will soon wean, healthier and a bit more lean. All done with a good day 13, from a normal fridge I'll soon glean.

Day 14 is Super Bowl Sunday, just can't wait until Break the Fast Monday. It sure will be a fun day, and it's only in One Day!