Thursday, March 29, 2012

Auction Angst

Tonight was the big night for my quilt at the school fundraiser. It was pulled from the silent auction and was set to go in the live one, with a real auctioneer calling out in that impossible to understand style.

I was so nervous, I had to get up and walk around. It felt like something out of a Little House on the Prairie re-run with Ma Ingalls selling a pie at the bake sale against Mrs. Olsen's fancy pants cake. Was Pa going to have to step in and try to outbid the others - ending up with the homemade item no one wanted? Let's just say I was glad it was a Burgers and BREW event, because I got to have a little wine to calm my nerves. The other items were front row King's tickets, golf weekends, wine tastings for twelve and a week's stay in Mexico. My little quilt did alright for itself and got the same price as my quilts do on Etsy. The Big E was happy that we're going to bed knowing Little Vest Girl has a home, and ours is not it!